Have you ever met a woman who has fully embraced her sensuality? The kind who’s sexual energy will strike you instantly at the first glance and leaves you wondering...

Who is she?


Growing up in a small town I was always fascinated with everything the world and its big cities had to offer. I was craving more culture, more stimulation, a faster life where I would be able to connect and learn around people from all sorts of life paths. I simply was bound to live a life full of lust and adventures. In my late teens my love for art, fashion and music made me travel around the world and then it was my need for self growth and new experiences that made me settle across the pond to complete my studies where I stumbled across the universe of companionship.   

There is so much more I want to share with you but having learnt the value of discretion I will only share my secrets with those who get close enough to smell my parfum and hear my heartbeat. Perhaps over a delightful diner, my hands teasing you under the table as I lean closer to your ear and beg you to skip desert.. whispering ''I can't wait to taste you''.. 



Alina X


158cm in my loafers (or 5ft5 in my favourite pair of stilettos... size 37IT *wink wink*). 

Dark blue eyes, high cheek bones and heart shaped lips.

Au naturel - In other words I have never had plastic surgery: my body reflects the healthy lifestyle I maintain.

Size 00US dresses have a 90% success rate in hugging my petite curves and 23cm waist perfectly. 

Ear piercings and many tasteful tattoos that express my artistic nature.

 The kind of person that always asks the waitress how her day is going and says thank you.. a lot.


Soft spoken with a cheeky demeanor.

En résumé..


I adore..

Art Deco, bauhaus, mid-century architecture.

Freshly washed linen sheets, silk dresses and cashmere sweaters.

Shopping in Le Marais, picnics at Hyde Park, a nigh out in the Lower East Side.

Japanese, Italian and French cuisine.

Skiing, snowboarding, pilates, I believe a healthy lifestyle is core to a successful life. 

Dry whites&bubbles.

Reading to the sound of the rain. 

Picking wild flowers in the summer.

Gustav Klimt.

Sunset > Sunrise.



All dates above 2 hours must include social time and refreshments.


CANADA (cad):


850/ 90 minutes


1800/Dinner date 

2500/ Extended dinner date

4000/ Overnight 

5000/ One day

USA (usd):


1500/ 90 minutes


3000/ Dinner date 

4000/ Extended dinner date

5000/ Overnight 

6000/ One day


Nota bene

My face and tattoos are blurred not only for my discretion but yours as well. It ensures I cannot be recognized when we are in a social setting. Rest assure my artwork can be easily covered under the right dress and has been done by top world class artists around the globe. My skin is free of any dark, drug or religious related designs (ex a cross, skull, weed leaves etc.) If we meet in a public space I will always be well dressed and make sure my outfit covers my art work. Please let me know if you wish otherwise. 

I understand reviews can really help build credibility but I prefer you please keep all the details we share together during our escape private (that includes my incall location and details on my appearance outside of what is written on my website) and refrain from discussing that information with other providers and friends. If you want to write a review I ask that you do so in a simple, respectful and tasteful way, failure to do so will cancel any further opportunity your us to spend time together. For your piece of mind I am a verified p411 member https://preferred411.com/P310077 and have a twitter account where I will post every now and then.


Where are you based?  I am based in Vancouver where I maintain a private incall. 


What is your availability like? 48 hours notice is optimal. I invite you to visit tryst.link/escort/alina-aubourg. to find out about any upcoming travels, if you see available now it means I am answering inquirie.

Do you provide references? Of course! One reference per time we have met within the last 6 months.

What services do you provide?  Well groomed, clean gentlemen and polite gentlemen can expect an authentic GFE. I believe everyone is different and am not able to provide a menu or guarantee any services to gentlemen I have never met before due to safety concerns. I don't offer trips to Greece.

Are you available to travel? I am! Collecting passport stamps is one of my greatest pleasure in life and doing it with you only makes it more magical. 


Philanthropy Donations to any of the following organizations will never fail to put a smile on my face.




Giftcards To feed my immense love for lingerie, fashion and travel.





I've been a good girl The following items live rent free in my dreams, for the ultimate spoil. 

Panthère de Cartier dual tone watch (small model).

Cartier love bracelet in white gold.

Chanel flap bag Caviar leather

Lady Dior bag  lady D life bag


''We arranged to meet at the restaurant and I got there early and waited with nervous anticipation. After a few minutes I see the host walk over this beautiful creature to our table and I was immediately taken aback by her beauty. Yes, her pics are gorgeous but seeing her in real life takes it to another level! After we exchange pleasantries and the basics we started to enjoy the food and drinks. She is a great conversationalist and right away I knew I met someone I could spend hours talking about all that life has to offer. ''

-Madtrix, Perb.cc.

Ready to get in touch?

Kindness and manners go a long way, I believe you are a gentlemen and will keep that in mind when introducing yourself.


New clients: Verification via LinkedIn, E-transfer, Piece of ID or 2 references from independent companions you have seen in the last 6 months are required. If we haven't met before you must use the booking form bellow to send your initial inquiry.

Returning friends: You may reach me directly via email.


Thank you, please check your spam folder! x